Avail Effective Sole Trader Tax Returns & Accounting Services With Tax Savers

Being a lone proprietor and managing a small business can be gratifying and difficult. While it offers flexibility and control, it also entails management of your finances,.

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Avail Effective Sole Trader Tax Returns & Accounting Services With Tax Savers

7 Sep, 2023 Admin

Being a lone proprietor and managing a small business can be gratifying and difficult. While it offers flexibility and control, it also entails management of your finances, including Business Activities Statements (BAS) and sole trader tax return. Many small business owners use professional bookkeeping services to lessen this load and guarantee compliance. The nuances of sole trader tax returns, BAS, and the advantages of working with Tax Savers, a reputable name in business bookkeeping services, will all covered in this blog.

Sole Trader Tax Returns: Unraveling the Basics 

If you own a company alone, you viewed as self-employed. You should pay personal income tax on your business income. Consequently, you should mention in your personal tax return information about the income and deductions from your business. When making decisions, bear the following in mind:

1. ABN Registration: You must apply for an Australian Business Number (ABN) before starting your sole proprietorship. For sole trader tax return purposes, this special ID is necessary.

2. Record-Keeping: It’s important to keep correct and accurate records of your business’s revenue and outgoings along with invoices, receipts, and bank statements; it is a must for a business to keep in-depth records of the finances and that’s where you can avail the specialised bookkeeping services of Tax Savers.

3. Tax deductions: Sole proprietors can deduct reasonable business costs such as office supplies, travel, and marketing. Your income that is taxable might reduce these deductions. It’s reliable to hire professional small business bookkeeping services like ours.

4. Pay As You Go (PAYG) Installment Payments: As a sole proprietor, you normally make quarterly payments to the ATO. These contributions applied to your anticipated yearly tax liability.

5. Year-End Sole Trader Tax Return: We help you prepare and file your personal tax return, which includes your business revenue and deductions, at the end of the fiscal year.

Business Activity Statements (BAS): Staying Compliant

The (BAS) preparation and submission are regular requirements for organizations that have registered for GST. The BAS is an accurate list mentioning all the taxes that your company is required to pay, including GST, PAYG withholding, and other taxes. What you need to know about your taxes is as follows:

1. Initial Reporting Period: Business activity statement is usually filed four times every year. However, other companies could use alternative reporting cycles, including monthly or yearly. We take care that your taxes are filed timely always.

2. GST Reporting: The GST you received from sales must be reported, and any GST refunds due from purchases must be claimed. What you owe or are entitled to receive from the ATO is the difference between these sums. Don’t worry if these sound complicated to you, we have a solid expertise over these.

3. PAYG Withholding: If you employ people or pay other companies for their services, you could be required to deduct tax from these payments and to report it on your BAS.

4. Deadlines: Tax Savers is the team you should consult if you are looking for tax return accountants who are excellent with deadlines. Deadlines for BAS submission and payment must met to prevent fines and we ensure that you face no issues with fines.

Small Business Bookkeeping Services with Tax Savers

While juggling the everyday operations of your business, it may be challenging to maintain your sole proprietor tax returns and BAS. To fill this gap and provide essential bookkeeping services for small businesses, our company steps in. We can help in the following ways.

1. Experience: A team of seasoned individuals with expertise in small business tax compliance makes up our company. To guarantee that your company remains compliant, we stay up to speed on the most recent tax rules and regulations.

2. Effectiveness Tax compliance: Filing tax returns seems hassle-free to several Australians thanks to our simplified processes. We take care of record-keeping, reporting, and filing for your tax returns and business activity statements.

3. Maximizing Deductions: Our professionals assist you optimize your tax savings and minimize your taxable income by identifying every qualifying deduction.

4. GST Management: By ensuring the accuracy of your GST reporting, we help you prevent costly errors and audits.

5. Peace of Mind: By allowing our professionals to handle your tax requirements, you can concentrate on expanding your company and pursuing your passion without worrying about tax compliance.

Avail our services to match the unique requirements of your company, making sure you get the help you need.


It is crucial for your company’s success and sustainability to understand how to navigate sole proprietor tax returns, (BAS), and small business bookkeeping services. You can confidently avail our services to comprehend the intricacies of Australian tax regulations, relieve your stress when we are your partner.

Don’t let the cost of complying with taxes impede the expansion of your business. Experience the peace of mind that comes with professional small company bookkeeping services by getting in touch with our company right away. Let us take care of the financial obligations so you can concentrate on operating your business, which you do best.

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