TFN Declaration Form

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    TFN Declaration Form

    What is your tax file number(TFN)

    I have made a separate application/inquiry to the ATO for a new or existing TFN.I am claiming an exemption because I am under 18 years of age and do not earn enough to pay tax.I am claiming an exemption because I am in receipt of a pension, benefit or allowance

    What is Your Name?

    Surname or family Name

    First given name

    Other given name

    What is Your home address in Australia?




    If you have changed Your Name since you last dealt With the ATO, provide your previous family name.

    What is your primary e-mail address?

    What is your date of birth?

    On what basis are you paid?(select only one)

    Full-time employmentPart-time employmentLabour hiresuperannuation or annuity income streamCasual employment

    Are you:(select only one)

    An Australian resident for tax purposesA foreign resident for tax purposesA working holiday maker

    Do you want to claim the tax-free threshold from this payer?

    Only claim the tax-free threshold from one payer at a time, unless your total income from all sources for the financial year will be less than the tax-free threshold.


    Answer no here if you are a foreign resident or working holiday maker, except if you are a foreign resident in receipt of an Australian government pension or allowance

    Do you have a Higher Education Loan Program(HELP), VAT Student Loan(VSL), Financial Supplement(FS), Student Start-up Loan(SSL) or Trade Support Loan(TSL) debt?

    Your payer will withhold additional amounts to cover any compulsory repayment that may be raised on your notice of assessment.


    DECLARATION by payee:

    I declare that the information i have given is true and correct